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10-Sep-2014, 07:20
Anyone in EU interested in fresh, in-date Fujiflex supergloss RA-4 printing material? If so, please drop me a PM. Fifty 20x25" sheets are already reserved to be cut for Raul C. Martins in Portugal, but the price of a 50" roll is such that more interest would help me finally buy a roll from the Isles - and this costs many Pounds Sterling. I am using a Rotatrim Technical T1250 cutter, which is the real deal for scratch-free and precise cutting of 40"+ rolls.

10-Sep-2014, 12:07
Besides confirming my commitment to the 50 20x25" sheets I think it is worthwhile to say why I am doing it.
Fujiflex supergloss paper is like no other RA-4 paper, as far as I know. Its gloss is comparable to the now defunct cybachrome prints. It's color accuracy is also much much better than the fuji crystal archive papers, and so is the contrast. I have had the idea of printing my color projects in this paper for a while. However, as all professional line of RA-4 papers from Fuji, it is only available in rolls and distributed almost exclusively for digital printing systems like LightJet, Lambda, Chromira and so on. Thus, besides being expensive, in Europe it is kind of hard to get.

10-Sep-2014, 12:36
I'm tempted but 50x63 is too bothersome for me to process and difficult to handle. I'd be more happy with something closer to 30x40 or perhaps 40x127 strips that I can then cut to sizes I need.
How do you plan to pack them?

11-Sep-2014, 05:36
Andres, I've sent you a PM.

19-Dec-2014, 08:15
More and more this seems to have been a ripoff shceme by Marin Božiković (aka LF_rookie_to_be).
Anyone that has sent him money please go quickly to your paypal account and see if you are still able to open a dispute. It can only be done for 45 days.