View Full Version : sinar p locking lever broken

10-Sep-2014, 04:40
i received used sinar p which i ordered in ebay before.
(actually my brother received. i'm in the other country, so i'm contacting through email.)

but it was little damaged, like in photo below.

i searched manual and i think it's locking lever.

is it possible to use without locking lever?

or to fix it, how can i get this lever? how much is it?

and if i get lever can i fix it myself?


Dirk Rösler
10-Sep-2014, 04:49
No, you cannot use it without the lever. If you can get the part and are mechanically skilled, of course you can fix it like a Sinar technician. But I would return it or claim on the transport insurance. It can be a lot of hassle trying to get the parts and doing the repair. Unless you get a substantial discount of course... Good luck.

10-Sep-2014, 11:05
The part is the locking lever on the top of either the front or rear connecting frame; it retains the lens panel/camera back/bellows, depending on which standard it is on (front or rear) and which side of the standard. As stated above, the camera is useless without it; you could try an adhesive (epoxy of some sort) but the lever is under some stress so the repair may not last. Sometimes Sinar parts eg front standard or rear standard come up on Ebay, you could get the part that way. Fitting is simple if you have a little mechanical ability.

Ken Lee
10-Sep-2014, 11:39
If you don't plan to change the orientation of the back on a regular basis, you could try holding the back together with some opaque tape. As others have said, use Sinar equipment is readily available.

Richard Raymond
10-Sep-2014, 13:33
This lever is part of a cam system that raises and lowers a blade at the top of the frame to hold in a back or a bellows. There are two screws in the aluminum cover on the top of the frame. If you remove them and the cover you should be able to see the cam more clearly and the blade. I would recommend looking at this to see if it is possible to attach the back or the bellows (what ever part goes there) and then push the blade down manually using a couple of pairs of needle nose pliers to get the equipment locked in place. A small wedge could be used to keep it there but the first thing to do is to open it up and get a clear look at the mechanism. A new (used) frame is probably the least expensive long term fix.

Bob Salomon
10-Sep-2014, 16:02
It would, of course, help if we knew where you are. But, if you are in the USA the following dealers will have Sinar repair parts:
Foto Care, Ltd in NYC
Dodd in Cleveland
Bear Images in Palo Alto

Try contacting one of those to see about the lever.