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Yaakov Asher Sinclair
20-Nov-2004, 14:11
I am using tracing paper to interleave some pigment print. They look very nice and give just the right amount of curiosity factor about the picture beneath, but I wonder how hostile they are archivally. Anyone any idea?
I'd like to print a title page for the portfolio on a sheet of tracing paper but using matte black just made a mess. Would the photo black fare any better?
Would much appreciate hearing any ideas on title presentation for portfolio from members of this forum.
Many thanks!

20-Nov-2004, 14:26
Dictionary search gives

1. An inscription placed usually at the end of a book, giving facts about its publication.
2. A publisher's emblem or trademark placed usually on the title page of a book.

Its the Anchor or Borzoi hound on the front piece of your book.

Frank Johnston

michael meyer
20-Nov-2004, 16:20
The photo black will not fare any better. The problem with both is the tracing paper-it doesn't take ink from a printer very well. I've tried with several printers. What will work much better is printing your title page on a laser printer. laser printers will print onto most papers nicely, so long as it's just text. Pictures look like crap.

Why not save your title pages to a disc, pdf if you can, and bring it down to your local Kinko's. They're open all night and have laser printers you can use--or make a print with your inkjet onto plain paper and then have kinko's copy it onto the tracing paper.

As for archival issues, check the paper's packaging. If there's no note about archival properties then you may want to avoid it for long term storage, but short-term portfolio use should be fine.


Robert C. McColloch
20-Nov-2004, 17:26
Renaissance Paper from Light Impressions. Use a Laserjet printer. It will be archival.

David R Munson
21-Nov-2004, 14:56
There are a number of translucent paper stocks that take liquid inks successfully. Beinfang Graphics 360 springs to mind here.