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6-Sep-2014, 15:53
Found some cheap sketch paper that worked pretty well for cyanotypes and decided it'd be fun to share with the community. The sketch paper was shorter scale than my normal arches platine and lighter weight, but still nice and snappy and consistent. I counted afterwards what I have left in the sketch book and it turns out my wife and I helped people make 80 cyanotypes.

It was warm and sunny, which is good for drying and exposing, but I don't love the heat. I pretty much worn out. I was busy the whole time and didn't stop for meal or bathroom for the 4.5 hours I was there.

Here's a video someone made which includes my corner of the faire.


Logistically it was pretty easy.

I made a cork board with 4 1-word instructions and guided people though those steps. 1. Coat. 2. Design. 3. Expose. 4. Rinse.

I brought a welding curtain for the coating area (welding curtains are designed to block UV light) I mixed the a/b chemicals and dispensed them onto the paper in the right amount for the guest to spread with a foam brush.
guest used a hair dryer to dry it.

We'd brought an assortment of junk (various wildflowers, washers, mechanical/electrical parts, small tools, legos, plastic toys, craft items) for guests to arrange to make photograms.

They'd put a piece of cardboard under the cyanotype for support (and a sheet of glass over if it was flowers so they wouldn't blow away) and set it in the sun for ten minutes. At times, guests had six or more simultaneously sitting in the sun. Good thing it was sunny because the UV box I brought for contingency only holds about two works at a time. But I suppose if the weather were less nice, we'd have less visitors too.

We had a 16x20 tray of water people could wash the prints in. Using thin paper means quick washes. My wife changed the water several times as it got blue from use. People could then take them wet or leave them to dry on a table for a bit while checking out other makers.

Jim Noel
6-Sep-2014, 20:40
A great thing to do. I hope there were children among the group of participants.
I think you did a great service to your community.


7-Sep-2014, 06:48
Oh yeah! about 75% kids!

Jim Noel
7-Sep-2014, 07:33
That makes it an even better project. Congratulations.