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5-Sep-2014, 14:19
Good afternoon all.

I have recently purchased a Century 9a Studio Camera with a No.7 sliding back with a 5x7 ground glass. I am looking to build a more complete set up for long term use. As I am looking for additional pieces I am coming across other versions of the Century Studio Camera and their parts. My questions is this, how interchangeable are the backs, standards, bellows and other elements of the various versions? Is there a place where I can find more information about the various version?

Thanks in advance for your help!


5-Sep-2014, 15:30
Even if you can find this data, I've noticed that this type of stuff--boards and backs--is often misidentified on Ebay. I'd take lots of measurements and go on those, not various people's attributions on Ebay or elsewhere.

5-Sep-2014, 15:54
I agree that I would only trust actual measurements, unless you can find an authoritative (original?) parts list. I can't speak to the bellows and/or front standards, but I have a Century 10A and a Century No. 4. The opening in the rear standard looks very similar on each but the backs are not interchangeable between the two cameras; at least the sliding carriage from the 10A will not fit on the No. 4.

Also note: even though the clip-in 8x10 spring backs (that attach to the sliding carriage) look exactly like Kodak 2D or Century Universal backs they will not fit since the light trap rebate is quite different for the Century studio cameras. I'll see if I can't take some digi-snaps and send them to you for reference. And yes, I learned this the hard way.


5-Sep-2014, 18:38
Keep in mind Century was only a separate company for like 6 years, before Eastman bought them out and started changing things.

6-Sep-2014, 10:26
Thanks gents. I have quite a bit to track down and am just beginning.

Jonathan, any pics and info would be appreciated. :)

6-Sep-2014, 12:25
Here are some quick photos of a Century Universal (same as a Kodak 2D) spring back vs. a Century Studio 10A back. It's easy to see where the confusion comes from since they look so similar. The light trap rebate lip on the Century Universal back is 1/4" whereas on the 10A it is 7/16".



6-Sep-2014, 12:32
As you're probably finding, some 2D backs will work on Century or Eastman studios. Probably not vice-versa, because of the deeper ridge.