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5-Sep-2014, 07:01
The local shop has some Ethol, quite a few cans actually. To call it old, is an understatement. Does anyone have any experience with this. Can I use this with a stand development?
She also has another developer that is made by acufine but it has a different name like ???fine. I cannot remember it and I cannot find it on the acufine web.
Any suggestions?

5-Sep-2014, 07:03
I need to go see Linda sometime.

Does she have some Diafine? It's similar to Acufine. I've never used it though.

5-Sep-2014, 07:21
I don't remember if I saw Diafine or not. I will look next time I go.She moved from Slappy to Washington at the old Hubbard Restaurant, just a block from where I work. Everything is in boxes and even more unorganized that it use to be. I bought a variable ND filter from her last week. I have yet to use it. Do you have her phone #?

5-Sep-2014, 08:11
...even more unorganized that it use to be.


Does she still have the old number from Slappy?

5-Sep-2014, 08:25
PM sent.

Jim Noel
5-Sep-2014, 12:47
Ethol made several developers. I use Ethol LPD some of which has been on my shelves for 20+ years.

6-Sep-2014, 15:01
This is UFG. I found an APUG thread talking about it. Apparently it was used to push Tri-X giving shadow detail. I might give this a try on the next lightning shots.
The can has 50 cent sticker on it and a '78 date. Ought to be interesting.

Jim Noel
6-Sep-2014, 20:42
If the can isn't swollen you should not have any problem.
If when you open it the crystals are almost as dark as coffee, you may be out of luck. If light tan, they should be good.

Fred L
7-Sep-2014, 07:51
kind of OT but this brings back memories of Ethol Blue which I used waaay back when I was in HS and using my parent's laundry room to develop film. Still kicking myself for not keeping the old glass Rodinal bottles...

7-Sep-2014, 08:23
Ethol UFG was about all I used from the mid-60s to the early 70s; the liquid form came in a glass bottle, if I remember correctly, and it was diluted by a solution of sulfite to give a fine-grain, one-shot developer. Wish I had one of those old bottles for my antique photo materials collection.