View Full Version : Focal Length Conversion Chart

12-Aug-1999, 18:32
Is there a focal length conversion chart for 8x10, 4x5, 6x12, 6x9, 6x7 and 35mm formats?

Robert A. Zeichner
12-Aug-1999, 19:45
In the 1999 Photographic Artist's Catalog from Calumet Photographic, there is a chart on page 6 that details the angle of view relative to lens focal lengths. I believe this will help. I understand a Java version of the chart appears on the calumet website. www.calumetphoto.com

Ellis Vener
12-Aug-1999, 20:58
Rounded off , I find these factors work well:

35mm = 1x

6x7cm = 2x

6x9cm = 2.25x

6x12cm = 3x

4x5 = 3x

8x10 = 6x

I based these findings on the similar angle of coverage along the long dimension, not the diagonal.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
12-Aug-1999, 23:17
I believe there's one at www.thefstop.com

Jan erala
13-Aug-1999, 05:06
I use this simple calculation: focal length x comp. film measure divided with relevant film measure. E.g what would a 135 lens with 4x5 be in 35 mm format? 135 x 36 : 125 = 38,88 mm It can be used as good for height,widht or diagonal comparisons.