View Full Version : Testing for pinholes

30-Aug-2014, 09:09
Very newbie question and likely answered here before (though i can't find a thread with the answer): What's the best way to test bellows for pinholes? Stick a light bulb inside, go in a dark room, and inspect by eye?


30-Aug-2014, 09:20
small flashlight (won't get as hot as a light bulb), inside the camera, in a dark room. You can cover up the lens and ground glass opening with a dark opaque cloth so light does not leak out of those ends.

30-Aug-2014, 10:12
I find a mini-maglite with the front (lens) removed works nicely. Stick a film holder in and shove the light into the bellows from the lens opening to also check the seat of your film back and holders....that's is where I had a major light leak on a new camera. Then put the lens on, remove the back and check the front standard area for leaks also.

Room should be totally black for ease of seeing light leaks (wait a bit for you eyes to fully dialate). Extend your bellows all the way, also.

30-Aug-2014, 16:03
Easy enough, thanks a lot