View Full Version : Precise durable thin stick on metric ruler/measure/tape? Where to buy?

29-Aug-2014, 06:50
I am looking for a precise, preferably metal or tough plastic narrow width adhesive ruler/tape/measure indicator that I can stick on my front extension and base of wooden camera. Anyone have a source for where they can be bought? A link or point to a reference would be great!

Bob Salomon
29-Aug-2014, 06:56
Forensic supply dealers. Possibly also medical supply dealers.

29-Aug-2014, 07:25

29-Aug-2014, 07:26
Bob, i am in Australia. Is there an online place you coukd suggest? Or even a oocal one?

29-Aug-2014, 07:28
Google is your friend. I bet they even have Google in Australia! I found about a billion choices on US Google.

Tin Can
29-Aug-2014, 07:29
Of course Woodcraft!

Gad, so far today it's optical triggers and tape measures, I better make some more money.



Jim Jones
29-Aug-2014, 20:14
Consider printing one on a computer.

Tin Can
29-Aug-2014, 20:46
I wood want a durable one, maybe I should just use sticks.


Consider printing one on a computer.

David Karp
29-Aug-2014, 20:48
I printed one that I found online. I put double stick tape on the back and then taped it to my camera.

Tin Can
29-Aug-2014, 21:07
I'm thinking sewing style measuring tapes. They roll up, don't scratch anything and last a while.

I already keep 5 or 7 steel tapes all over my loft and seldom can find one.

I measure a lot of things...

Roger Thoms
29-Aug-2014, 21:15
Just found these, might be worth looking into. http://www.jwwinco.com/products/section9/gn711/


Kirk Gittings
29-Aug-2014, 22:14
I've been looking for one that is black with white lettering. Anyone run across one in their searches let me know please.

Richard Wasserman
29-Aug-2014, 23:43
Kirk—and everyone else—Mcmaster Carr is your friend. They have several to choose from—


Richard Wasserman
29-Aug-2014, 23:45
Kirk I just noticed the scales Mcmaster has are the opposite of what you are looking for—white with black lettering, not black with white.

Ed Bray
30-Aug-2014, 00:37
I use these on my table saw, ebay item #371122312933 you must have something similar in the US. They do not last as long as the metal versions but I just replace them every couple of years but they do have both metric & imperial scales. The metallic ones are available from KREG ebay item #121167485637 and they can be bought reading left to right or right to left and either metric or imperial.

30-Aug-2014, 09:28

30-Aug-2014, 17:21
Try http://www.carbatec.com.au
They might have something