View Full Version : compound shutter

Robert Musgjerd
17-Nov-2004, 12:55
I have been looking high and low for a #5 compound shutter and can't seem to locate one anywhere
any ideas? Thanks

Bob Salomon
17-Nov-2004, 13:25
Why doe it have to be a Compound? They are getting a bit old.

Ole Tjugen
18-Nov-2004, 07:23
All the old Compound #5's have lenses in them, I guess. Mine certainly does, a 300mm f:4.5 Scheider Xenar. And since the lens is un use, my shutter is not for sale!

Struan Gray
18-Nov-2004, 13:13
The old 360 mm Symmars came in a Compound No. 5 and fetch low prices these days. Buy one and use the glass for burning bugs. eBay.de probably has the best selection and prices, and ones with damaged glass, fungus or Schneideritis show up fairly often.

If you need it *now*, MW Classics (www.mwclassic.com) currently have a Dallmeyer telephoto in a Compound No. 5 for 225.