View Full Version : Wollensak automatic shutter cla

25-Aug-2014, 15:05
Was wondering if there is anyone that works on these . This one looks very nice B and T works but all the other speeds are way off and 1 sec stays open. Thanks for any help

Liquid Artist
28-Aug-2014, 05:26
I am interested in the same thing having just bought a lens with an old Wollensak shutter myself.

In my case the shutter may be junk, only firing at 1 speed, but I'd sure like to try getting it fixed.

Michael Graves
28-Aug-2014, 12:55
I have that same shutter in a 16" apo lens made by Wollensak. I was warned off the "lighter fluid" approach because there are supposedly parts in this shutter that are severely damaged that way. It was an unnecessary warning, since I'm scared of that approach anyway! Carol Flutot did a wonderful job for me for under a hundred bucks. You might contact her. She shows up in a lot of these threads.

28-Aug-2014, 13:10
Pneumatic shutters didn't last long in the photography history because by the virtue of their mechanical construction they were not able to produce and hold any precise timing. Indeed, their timing is often "way off". That was the main reason why they were replaced by more precise clockwork mechanics. To try to "repair them" to some state of precise timing is contradictory to their very construction. Just so that you know.