View Full Version : X-ray film availability in Europe 2014?

Steven Tribe
22-Aug-2014, 14:18
There have been a number of rather short threads about retail availability of, especialy green, x-ray film in Europe during the past through years.

None of them ended with any conclusive data about sources, contacts etc.

I have been lucky to have covered my present needs (30x40cm) but will needing new supplies in 2015!

Does anyone have any sources who are willing to ship within the EU?

4-May-2015, 00:49
The only place I've had success with is eBay for 10x8. Though after the bank holiday, I'll perhaps give Carestream UK a call - http://www.carestream.co.uk/uk-contact.html and see what can be done. . . though rough price seems to be 300 ish for Ektascan T G/RA hopefully that's for a case of 5 100 sheet boxes though.