View Full Version : Premo no.10 camera wide angle acessory rail

20-Aug-2014, 12:43

I have a nice Premo no.10 camera and despite the lack of movements I really like to use it. I just discovered that the removable piece of wood inside the camera is a short rail for wide angle lenses: it should be put in place of the main rail after unlocking the lateral metal arms and dropped the bed:

"Provision is made for the use of lenses of the widest angle. For this purpose, it is necessary only to unclasp the two supplementary side arms, which drop the beds down on a hinge, removing it from the path of the shortest focus lens. Then a short supplementary bed, carried conveniently at the top of the camera when not in use, is substituted for the regular bed, affording easy focusing facilities." (source: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/33034/33034-h/33034-h.htm)

I have unlocked the side arms but I'm not able to drop the bed because it stops in the horizontal position even if it's free from the side arms. And obviously without dropping the bed is impossible to put the short rail in place. Any suggestion? I can provide some pictures if it helps.


20-Aug-2014, 13:03
Ok just after postfing this thread I remembered of buktus.org and found a pdf manual of the Kodak Premo no.6 with this useful diagram:


So I simply extended the main rail and the bed fully dropped, allowing the short rail to be put in place.