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Jack Clevenger
14-Nov-2004, 23:13
I have an old Crown Graphic that has a 127mm Poloroid lens from a 110B mounted in the board. My first question is- will this lens work OK if I can get the shutter speed working? I'm not sure but it sounds a little slow.
The second question is- Will a Rodenstock CaltarII-E 150mm f6.3 with a copal 0 shutter fit in the lens board and allow the board to close if I can't get this Poloroid lens to work?
The Crown that I have has been completely stripped of everything but the basics. I think it would make a good basic landscape setup if I can get a lens to start with.

Thank you for you time

Jack Clevenger

Frank Petronio
14-Nov-2004, 23:47
yes both will work

Bill Jefferson
15-Nov-2004, 02:55
Jack, thats the same lens that I use, Superb performance

Darin Cozine
15-Nov-2004, 03:31
The polaroid lens is in a copal #1 shutter, so you will have to get a #0 lensboard for the caltar. But the caltar is a much better lens than the polaroid, so by all means go for it.

Ralph Barker
15-Nov-2004, 09:12
One aspect of Jack's question that I couldn't find being addressed within the lens info on the graflex.org site is the maximum front and overall thickness (front element rim w/ cap to back of shutter, and overall depth dimension) of the lens that will allow the lens to remain mounted when the camera is folded. In other words, when the bellows are compressed back into the body, and the camera is folded, what are the internal dimensions of that space, measured from the lens board, that should not be exceeded, or if exceeded would prevent the camera from being closed.

The Rodenstock CaltarII-E 150mm f6.3 he's considering is fairly small, so it should fold up OK, but knowing that internal folded dimension within the camera would be handy. Does anyone know those dimensions, or have a better source of info?

Frank Petronio
15-Nov-2004, 10:17
I folded up a 75/6.8 Grandagon (just fit) and a 150/5.6 Sironar (58mm filter) easily into my old Crown Graphic, so the smaller 150/6.8 E lens should fit with room to spare.

Bobby Black
15-Nov-2004, 11:31
My super graphic folds up perfectly with both the caltar/rodenstock 135 and 150 lenses I've been using.

Jack Clevenger
16-Nov-2004, 13:21
Thanks everyone for your great input. I really appreciate it.

Jack Clevenger

Edward (Halifax,NS)
8-Dec-2004, 06:28
If the lens is a 127mm Ysaron, it is a nice little lens. I got mine for $40. People say that it has a small image circle but I have never run out of room for landscape work. I don't use it as often since I got a 150mm G Claron.

http://gallery.photo.net/photo/2911759-md.jpg (http://gallery.photo.net/photo/2911759-md.jpg)

http://gallery.photo.net/photo/845817-md.jpg (http://gallery.photo.net/photo/845817-md.jpg)