View Full Version : Old X-Ray and autoradiography film, useable?

19-Aug-2014, 07:07
My professor cleared out a shelf and gave me some of the remaining materials that I hadn't taken away before

Left there were Kodak X-OMAT AR (X-ray film, I guess?), and something called Amersham Hyperfilm-betamax autoradiography film.

If I manage to slit these to size, what sensitivity are they and how would I go about developing them?

http://i.imgur.com/16J8zG1l.jpg (http://imgur.com/16J8zG1.jpg)

22-Aug-2014, 18:52
Kodak X-OMAT AR film was reformulated to become BioMax XAR film so you treat the film the same.

Treat the film like it is ISO 50. Develop in standard b/w chemicals. Lets see what you get

How to develop

Post up you results

23-Aug-2014, 10:43
Thanks a lot. I googled pretty extensively and couldn’t find anything besides passing mentions in some science papers.