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18-Aug-2014, 08:41
Hi all,

I live in two places, and I seem to have left (other) home without an empty box of 4x5, and I need to refill my holders. Problem is, I've nowhere to put the exposed film! I was wondering -- might it be acceptable to place them in a box of new film (say Acros, if it matters), underneath the plastic "envelope"? I'm a little worried about scratching. Any suggestions for a material to place between?

Thank you very much for any thoughts!

Daniel Stone
18-Aug-2014, 08:58
Make a "folder" out of a piece of computer paper. Cut it to 5"x8" and then fold in half to make a v-card that's 4"x5". I've done this multiple times, you can even make multiple folders if you have different developing notations for +1,+2, etc. Just mark each folder appropriately so you can feel which is which in the dark/changing bag/tent.

18-Aug-2014, 14:01
I recommend a cheap 4 or 6 pack of opaque plastic envelopes from B&H, then keep some here and some there. Easy to use, fold flat, instant dark storage...

20-Aug-2014, 17:40
Hey, thank you for the advice, guys. I used the folded sheet of paper, as recommended. And I'll check out those envelopes!