View Full Version : Medium Festival worth it?

Darin Boville
17-Aug-2014, 00:58
I really should put more effort into selling work--but I so busy *making* work I'm not sure I can find the time.

Anyone know anything about the Medium Festival? Worth the time/effort?



Drew Bedo
17-Aug-2014, 06:03
Sounds like some sort of street fair for psychics?

17-Aug-2014, 08:24
I hadn't heard of it until now....
Don't know if it would help anyone sell prints.
It would be worth hearing Duane Michals lecture, a true photo artist.

Jim Noel
17-Aug-2014, 09:40
For those interested in exhibiting and selling their work it is a very valuable experience. Several of my former students have attended and say the portfolio viewing sessions were invaluable.