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14-Aug-2014, 12:47
hey all,

What is everyone's best method to travel with the lens attached to the lensboard? I have a Chamonix 045n-2 4x5 and i'm trying to figure out a way to safely pack up my lenses. I really like the idea of lens cases, but nothing seems to be large enough to hold it when the lensboard is attached. As of right now, I have it wrapped in a towel and then tossed in my bag, but I'm looking for a more safe and permanent solution. Weight is somewhat an issue because I do plan on hiking with this setup.

Any and all ideas welcome!

Thanks guys!

BTW, I'm glad I stumbled across this forum. It's been a lifesaver.

14-Aug-2014, 13:37
Lens wrap and then have a divider-velcroed slot allocated in my bag. I try to put them back in order as to remember which lens is what.


Mark Woods
14-Aug-2014, 13:58
I use small plastic containers from the Container Store. I have a Deardorff and the lenses are safe in their individual containers.

Drew Wiley
14-Aug-2014, 15:23
I put em in a ziploc sandwich bag, then into a simple bubble pak pouch like the kind you get at office supply stores (the all-plastic type, no paper). Clean, cheap,
and good protection, better in fact than all those pricey options.

Kirk Gittings
14-Aug-2014, 15:28
look at Photobackpacker (https://www.photobackpacker.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=RPT&Category_Code=RPT02) cases or look for a used Gnass lens case. I use a combination of both. My PBP camera case is big enough to have compartments for two lenses separated and then I have a three compartment Gnass case for the other three I carry. This all fits in my backpack without adding much weight (but I am not an extreme hiker like some here).

This Orvis reel case (similar in many ways to the Gnass 3 lens case without the lid pocket) would work well for three lenses probably too. http://www.orvis.com/p/safe-passage-mini-reel-and-gear-case/2y2x I use the bigger one for odds and ends.


14-Aug-2014, 18:09
I use a reel case from Allen for several lenses. The lens wraps are good for 1-2 lenses in your bag. You can get the lens wraps from B&H, amazon, etc..

Bob Sawin
14-Aug-2014, 20:27
I use small plastic containers from the Container Store. I have a Deardorff and the lenses are safe in their individual containers.

+1...generally can fit two lenses, in lens wraps, in a container.

15-Aug-2014, 10:00
I solved this same dilemma years ago by using Seagram Crown Royale whiskey sacks which will fit over the lens and lens board. The sacks will protect from scratches and weigh essentially zero with no added bulk. They are also well made and designed to last - I've been using them for all my 4x5 lens (7) for better than 10 years now - and they will also work on all of my 8x110 lens except for the 360 Symmar-S and 14" Wollensak which are too big. When not in the backpack, I store all my lens in waterproof Calumet cases.