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14-Aug-2014, 02:27
Hello folks,
for some time,I'm trying to select my first LF lens for my Sinar P. I am capturing purely landscape vistas and panoramas. Therefore, I've bought 6x12 roll film back. So for 90% of pictures, I will use the film back loaded with velvia and for the rest of the 4x5 BW film sheets. On FF digital, I am using 24 mm tilt/shift lens. Therefore, I would like to "respect" the relatively similar angle of view on large format (with 6x12 roll back ideally).

I have focused on two Fujinons, namely 75 SWD and 90 SWD. Both offer quite sufficient image circles for movements (which I use a lot). In case of choosing the 75 mm variant,do I have to buy (pricey) center filter when I am using velvia emulsion? The next question is if there is any difference in edge to edge sharpness on similar apertures between 75 and 90 variant.

Thank you very much for your help and advices.


17-Aug-2014, 01:41
you wont need the center filter on the 75mm with 4x5 b/w neg or 6x12 velvia.. if you were shooting 4x5 velvia you would notice the edges to be between 1/2 a stop and 2/3rds darker than the center but I still wouldn't bother with the center filter for that.. thats me personally, I dont think a bit of vignetting harms a wide angle image personally.. if you are really pedantic about it then I'd say buy the lens, shoot a roll and see what you think... I doubt you'd have any issues though

17-Aug-2014, 02:27
Thank you very much Alexn! Is it possible to assess the edge to edge sharpness? Do I have to count, that the 75 mm variant will be a little bit worse in the edges at the same apertures compared to 90 mm variant?

19-Aug-2014, 20:25
I use Schneider 72mm xl and 90mm xl in studio and Rodenstock 6.8 in the field. It maybe me, but I use center filters all the time. Fujion 90 SWD will be close to Rodenstock 90mm 4.5. And it has >3stop falloff at pretty much any aperture. No matter what lens design is - it can't much beat physics: 1-cos^4 falloff. 75 will have more pronounced falloff.


Here's link to full pdf with specs:


But then again - it is matter of personal preference and taste.

Here are couple of pics 72mm XL with center filter



Dan Fromm
20-Aug-2014, 06:45
Victoria, you misread the 90/4.5 Grandagon-N pdf. "image height (mm)" is the distance from the lens' axis. The 90/4.5 AG covers 236 mm, 6x12 (actual size for all roll holders but Linhof's 56 x 112) needs only 125 mm. Half of 125 is 62.5, where the 90/4.5 AG is down around 1 stop at recommended apertures.

That said, unless the OP wants the dark anti-halo effect, with velveeta the lens should be used with a center filter.

20-Aug-2014, 08:55
Oh, Dan. For shutting straight or using ridged camera - you're right. Also falloff from centered lens can be easily eliminated in post. In photoshop by using inverse gradient filter or by using reverse mask or wide lens on enlarger.

Real problem with falloff starts when you use movements - more movements more image will illumination shift towards right on chart above. Vertical scale (F stop) is not linear there, so further your distance - much worse effect. That effect is very hard to remove in post.