View Full Version : What is a Rodenstock 300 F9 Geronar

steven rosen
27-Oct-1999, 11:13
Does anyone know the history and quality of the 300 F9 Geronar. I have been tol d it was a budget lens produced by Rodenstock.

Ron Shaw
27-Oct-1999, 11:39
I believe these are 3 element lenses, and were a cheaper alternative to the more complex lenses. They are sharp lenses, but with less coverage than the more complex designs. At 300mm, it probably has plenty of coverage for 4x5, but if you are going to use it with 8x10, you may want to test it first, if possible. With fewer elements, they should be less prone to flare and ghosting than lenses with more elements. I think Calumet still offers this lens (rebadged, it think) as an entry level lens for the Cadet.

sheldon hambrick
27-Oct-1999, 13:08
According to one of the static articles on the main page, it covers 340mm. I've seen them range in price from $375 to $560 (no way). I considered one for a little bit, but decided to hold out for something a little more substantial for a similar price.

Mando Morlos
28-Nov-2000, 13:30
I have owned 3 Geronar's 90, 150, and 210. I have absolultley loved them! They work great in color & B&W. I have also been looking into the 300. I will buy it if it will cover 8x10. Does it?!!!

Mando Morlos
29-Nov-2000, 15:29
I've looked into and this lens does cover 8x10 in fact it has more coverage than the nikkon300f9!!! I am definatley in the market if anyone has one they want to sell!