View Full Version : sinar binocular magnifier and binocular hood

el pescador
10-Aug-2014, 06:17
Has anyone used the sinar binocular magnifier and hood?, does this take the place of the ground glass screen, and does this do away with having to use a dark cloth? Any thoughts or experiences would be helpful

10-Aug-2014, 06:34
To use it comfortably, or at all really, you need wide-angle / bag bellows. You attach one end of the bellows to magnifier box/frame and the other to the camera, over the ground glass/fresnel. You can use 5x7" and 8x10" bellows as well. The hood then attaches to the magnifier, and if you have a later model with hooks on the sides, you put an elastic band over your head so that you have both arms free for focusing, movements etc on the camera. So the magnifier does do away with using the dark cloth and, to some extent, a loupe.