View Full Version : New Mexico monsoons 2014

David Lobato
9-Aug-2014, 08:47
Has anyone seen the increase of green out there? This article points out an unusual monsoon season in New Mexico. For landscape and nature photographers it would be a great opportunity.


9-Aug-2014, 10:21
Just got back from a quick trip to Santa Fe. It was amazing to see all the greenery along I-25 and up the High Road to Taos. Usually, starting in late June, the landscape is mostly a uniform brown tone.

Bill Suderman
10-Aug-2014, 05:52
Not only is the green wonderful, but the cloud formations are the Best Show on Earth! The sunlight one hour after sunrise and before sunset is brilliant.

Kirk Gittings
10-Aug-2014, 08:55
Yes this is a great year for landscape photography. I was at Pecos National Monument yesterday and I have have never seen it so green and spectacular clouds.

Robert Langham
14-Aug-2014, 19:32
Just made a little clean-up run to Hubbell, Canyon de Chelly, Shiprock. Amazingly green. The indian horses aren't showing ribs, and that's RARE this time of year.

Drew Wiley
15-Aug-2014, 12:59
Hmmm. ... maybe I should have planned a canyon country backpack this Nov. Too late. Hoping it won't be all wet next month in Wyoming. But some clouds will of course be welcome. Probably get a certain amt of snow or rain now matter what. Two weeks above timberline pretty much guarantee that. Flashfloods I can do
without. Saw one of those on Maui a year and a half ago that took out a bunch of houses and a few people with it. But looks like the rodent population will explode, and there will be a hanta outbreak somewhere in the southwest. But at least the coyotes and raptors will eat well. Not retired yet, so I can't just go running off anywhere, anytime I please. Have to be content to have seen Death Valley green just twice in my lifetime, but don't get those dramatic clouds there like you do around Four Corners. Gosh I envy you guys.

Kirk Gittings
15-Aug-2014, 20:10
Its pouring now in ABQ. July was the fourth wettest in recorded history. This July we received as much rain as we got in June, July, August and September last year.

Drew Wiley
18-Aug-2014, 08:33
I talked to someone yesterday who just drove right through NM in a cross-country drive to see family here. They were pretty amazed. Good hunting with that