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8-Aug-2014, 05:25
Not a KickStarter since I am proceeding with this project regardless. However, as everyone knows, a sheet of 4x5 Provia is $4-$5 T_T. You can see some of the photos that are done already:

http://www.gofundme.com/TransformationsCosplay ANY amount helps!

From the project description:
In this project, I am photographing cosplayers / media-genre costumers both in and out of costume. The title “Transformations” refers to how cosplayers transform themselves from their “mundane” daily appearance and temporarily become the characters they portray.

While cosplay photographs are now fairly ubiquitous on the Internet, and even show up in the mainstream press (sometimes due to a few outrageous and sometimes quite scantily-clad cosplayers) little focus has been paid to the people behind the costumes.

Traditional-style portraits are taken with an eye toward gallery exhibition, using 4x5 large-format film cameras. The main focus is on the characters themselves.

Films are expensive at $4 a sheet. I do save a lot from processing my own film, but there are other expenses as well. I hope to take photos of cosplayers in the West Coast area and that would involve traveling.

The project on Facebook:

13-Sep-2014, 04:02
To put a closure to this post: as of today, I have received over 200% of my funding goal, plus a generous grant from an organization. I have been posting in-progress and final pairing photos to the <month> Portraits threads. Things are going great. Thank you all.