View Full Version : Lens hood

J.L. Frost
11-Nov-2004, 14:33
Can anyone suggest a lens hood for my Caltar II N 210/5.6 lens Thank you.

Alan Davenport
11-Nov-2004, 14:48
Best choice would be a compendium. Also the most money. Slowest to use.

Much less money and still somewhat effective, is one of the rubber hoods you can buy almost anywhere. You'll need to be alert for vignetting when you use movements. Fastest to use as long as it doesn't vignette.

No money, and still very effective (probably more effective than the rubber hoods,) is to use the darkslide that you just pulled. Hold it so its shadow falls on the lens (assuming the sun or other offending bright light isn't in the photo) and the job is done. No vignetting, because if the offending light source is not in the picture, neither will be the shadow of the slide.

Keith Fleming
11-Nov-2004, 17:40
The lens takes 67mm filters, so I just looked for a 67mm screw-in lenshood. Mine is a rather old metal hood originally intended for Zenza Bronica 80mm lens. It's adequate in the field, with no vignetting. I bought my hood in Japan years ago, but you probably can find similar hoods at used equipment dealers on the Internet.

12-Nov-2004, 11:30
here's my cheap-o solution: forgive yourself in advance, and buy the cokin filter holder/modular lens shade. i'm assuming they still make these. it's an adapter that screws onto your lens. it comes with rectangular plastic hoods that can be used individually or snapped onto each other, and can be attached in two or three different positions .. so you get good adjustability to cover different focal lengths, camera movements, etc.. the holder also accepts standard mounted polyester gells, if you want to use them (i never have, so i can't comment on their quality compared with optical glass). it also comes with its own slide in covers that substitute for the lens cap.
one thing i like about this setup is that it provides some protection for the glass when you're carrying the camera around on the tripod.