View Full Version : What goes into making an instant P/N film?

Oren Grad
6-Aug-2014, 13:41
Bob Crowley has posted a New55 project update that describes the various components of the product along with his updated estimates of the general risk and cost levels associated with each. An interesting read:


7-Aug-2014, 16:59
I was playing around with this last winter when I had a little spare time. I got pretty good instant develop negatives, but never came up with a decent receiver sheet for the positives. I emailed Bob and asked what to try, he suggested coating the receiver with a weak sulfuric acid. I did a few tests but ran out of time. Maybe I'll get back to it this winter when things slow down a bit.

All I did to get this far was go through all of Bob posts at the aforementioned blog and got enough info to come up with a pretty consistent developer/fixer gel.

David Karp
7-Aug-2014, 17:51
Thanks Oren. Very interesting reading. Products always seem so simple when you use them. Most products, even relatively simple ones, go through a tremendous amount of development before we ever see them! They just work. It makes the achievement of the original Polaroid materials all the more impressive.