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Mike Cockerham
10-Nov-2004, 15:16
Hi there

I have just gotten a 600mm Apo Ronar with a Beacher packard type electric shutter off of a 20x24 process camera. Willthe lens cover my 12x20 Folmer? Also does anyone have information on this shutter? I am thinking of makeing a 20x24 studio camera .


10-Nov-2004, 16:15

Although I have never used this particular lens on 12X20 I am fairly sure that it will cover the format. The design is similar to that of the Apo-Nikkor and Red Dota Artar and both of these lenses cover 12X20 nicely, though you need to stop down to about f/45 or f/64 for good performance on the corners. But we usually do that in any case with 12X20 for adequate depth of field, right?

Sorry, but I don't know anytthing about the "Beacher packard type electric shutter." Hope someone else does.

Ernest Purdum
10-Nov-2004, 19:34
I am guessing that you are misreading the shutter name and that it is actually Bencher. If this is the case, lyou should be able to get information from www.bencher.com.

As I recall, these shutters word from household current crudely rectified into DC.

Mike Cockerham
10-Nov-2004, 20:22
You're right Ernest I did get the name wrong. Thanks for the help.

Sandy thanks for the info I am going to try to mount it to my 12x20, boy is it a big, heavy lens.

Norbert Gruetzner
11-Nov-2004, 05:13
Hello Mike,

I don#t think it will cover: Afaik the Ronar 600/f:9 has an image circle of 496mm.

For 12x20 you'll need 593mm image circle. Supposed being used for infinity not close up or macro shots

Greetings from Bonn


Mike Cockerham
11-Nov-2004, 19:34
Am I making a mistake? It looks as if my Folmer 12x20 will not focus the 600mm/24" Ronar lens at infinity. The bellows max. extension measures only 20". Has anyone else run into this problem? Seems like I've read where some people were using 24" Artars on this camera.


David Vickery
12-Nov-2004, 13:37
I have one of these lenses and a 12x20 and it will cover the format quite well.