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Drew Bedo
3-Aug-2014, 18:42
My first trip to Yellowstone wis comong up the cusp of Aug-Sept.

We will stay outside the park and drive in via the North entrance each day.

We do not plan on doing any real "hiking" as I have complications from TMB syndrome (Too Many birthdays!)

My Kit: 4x5 Zone VI, 90-150-210 and 380mm lenses, T-Max 100 and Velvia 100 films. Luggage wheels to drag it all around with.

Anything in particular that we should look for, seek out or avoid?

3-Aug-2014, 19:31
I rather liked Mammoth Hot Springs, the falls in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and the (sadly) burned north hills. The crowds are to be avoided at all costs, so in the Grand Canyon, go to the trailheads rather than the paved tourist parking. There are nice flat river scenes in the west of the park and cascading rivers toward Mammoth, all of which are beautiful in the early morning when the tourists are mostly asleep.

That can get you started, but others will have better, more specific ideas.

3-Aug-2014, 19:40
Generally, the Yellowstone crowds at any location don't get bad until 9:30-10:00 a.m.

Norris Geyser Basin (an attraction that should be on your short list) is big enough to disperse initial crowds and keep it pleasant enough beyond that threshold.

The earlier you can awaken and start into the park each morning, the better!

3-Aug-2014, 20:29
Another thing to try is to use the "classic" google maps and display photos people have taken that are geo-tagged. The new google maps style makes it impossible. Now, the photos won't be of uniform quality, but it can give you a quick idea of the types of things you'd see so you can concentrate on what you like. 10 minutes of that located some great river scenes up near Gardiner, and Tower Falls. I wish I had done this before my trip there last year. Instead I drove and drove and drove, only by luck finding nice views.

Drew Bedo
5-Aug-2014, 06:14
Thanks for the start . . .good suggestions all-around!

In asking around, the most frequently made recommendation has been to get out there EARLY!


Drew Wiley
5-Aug-2014, 08:45
There are other recent threads about Yellowstone. There is actually a lot of interesting geothermal stuff not far from the lodge and along the catwalks toward the
edge of Yellowstone lake. This is very easy walking. But that's the problem. It's not only popular, but the boardwalks are springy and vibrate with other people on
them. So you're best odds with a view camera are either relatively early in the morning or very late in the day. But that's when the light is the most interesting
anyway. Otherwise, yeah, you might want to hit up some of the famous spots just to see them, but there is plenty to photograph in Yellowstone other than the
stereotypical postcards scenes and attendant mobs. Like other popular natl parks, if you do set up a view camera anywhere visibly beside a road, a bunch of cars will suddenly stop, thinking you've gotten a bear to pose for you or something like that.

5-Aug-2014, 16:22
Go in the Mammoth entrance and exit out the Cooke City entrance --- over the pass just beyond Cooke City, and then head over to Bear Tooth Highway.

Plenty of pristine lakes, waterfalls, and some of the best mountain scenery in the west.

8-Aug-2014, 17:24
I just found a nice little video at 2x speed of driving those highways:


It's not the same as having geotagged photos to guide you, but it gives you a quick overview of the driving and general terrain.

18-Aug-2014, 11:56
The Firehole Canyon road near North Entrance at 287/89 offers a nearby pleasant drive and somewhat smaller scale opportunities. Yes, the list is long. Enjoy.

Drew Bedo
3-Sep-2014, 06:02

Everyone was right on everything.

We had a great time. stayed outside the park near (but not at) Chico Springs, and drove into the park each day. Hit the high spots and made a pilgramige to Old Faithful. Got some freat shots and some that I am less enthusiastic about . . . .will have to wait for the film to come back. Got a grab-shot of a Buffalo that I thought would lick the car's window!

Thanks for everyone's suggestions.

3-Sep-2014, 14:01
Got a grab-shot of a Buffalo that I thought would lick the car's window!

Welcome back, and I hope the Buffalo grab shot is LF! – if not, remember to post it in the Lounge so we can enjoy it. ;^)

Drew Bedo
4-Sep-2014, 08:08
The Grab-Shot" was taken with an Agfa Isolet 6x6cm folder that my father-in-law at a base PX during WW-II. I used Velvia 100, zone focused and exposed at "sunny-sixteen". I haven't been able to bring the films in to Akers Lab in Houston yet.

I'll try to post something in the appropriate forum when I can.