View Full Version : Finally got my LF camera after 25 years of indecision!

Charlie Francis
1-Aug-2014, 03:28
Not only have I got my camera (Chamonix 045F1) but now I have joined the forum, I have got other LF photographers to talk to (a bit thin on the ground in the UK).

If you have a moment you can read about my decision process on a blog I wrote on my website called 'The Lure of Large Format".http://charliefrancisphotography.com/2014/01/12/the-lure-of-large-format/

I'm delighted to have joined a worldwide group of fellow aficionados who have the same passion. Recently I gave a short talk at a camera club of over 100 members and not one of them owned a LF camera although one thought that a Hasselblad qualified.

So good to be on board and look forward to learning all about the wonderful world of large format photography.


Andrew Plume
1-Aug-2014, 03:54
Charlie welcome, never too late to start

'health warning/gear acquisition warning' - this is a seriously addictive passion, beware, it can then become truly expensive

good luck and rgds


Pete Watkins
1-Aug-2014, 04:24
Welcome Charlie,
Andrew's right, you'll always seem to need (urgently) more lenses. Try not to see a 5x7 or an 8x10 negative, it'll cost ya!

Emmanuel BIGLER
1-Aug-2014, 04:34
Hello from France: Charlie, welcome to this International LF club.

25 years, this is the approximate delay I needed before taking the plunge to LF photography after buying in 1975 a French book dedicated to medium and large format equipment and photography (Moyens et grand formats, by René Bouillot, Paul Montel ed., 1973)
You'll not be surprised if I tell you that Internet was really "pushy" regarding my final decision for LF ;-)

Craig Roberts
1-Aug-2014, 05:52
Welcome. Enjoy the process.

1-Aug-2014, 08:55
A warm welcome from Tornado Alley. Get yourself a couple notebooks and a pencil . . . you're going to need it. ;)

1-Aug-2014, 09:55
Welcome Charlie. Look forward to some UK fotos.

Brian C. Miller
1-Aug-2014, 10:16
Welcome, Charlie! All you need is a good camera and a good lens, and the will and perseverance to use them well! Beware the siren songs of extra lenses and larger formats, they'll doom your wallet to rocky shoals. But really, they are actually nice shoals, once you get to know them.

Post some pics when you're ready! :)

1-Aug-2014, 16:19
Better late than never~

1-Aug-2014, 17:12
The really great thing about 4x5 is that you will now be able to use lenses from any age of photography. I too have a Chamonix and like it a lot.

Charlie Francis
4-Aug-2014, 02:38
Thanks for all those 'welcome' messages.