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31-Jul-2014, 14:20
There's got to be an easier, cleaner, and DRYER way to make 5x7 prints, than the old negative/print drip, splash, and dark process!
I've been shooting mostly 4x5 Polaroids for years, that now not a possibility, (I admit to going 100% digital since I ran out of type 52), and besides 4x5 is really too small for portraits.
Does anyone make a reversal paper. There must be SOMETHING, since there are still those old guys in touristy places who do it all right there in camera while the subjects wait.

31-Jul-2014, 16:03
ilford direct positive ?

im working on a reversal developer for hand coated prints on black paper.
it will take more effort than a polaroid or ilford dp, but will be fun just the same .... :)

8-Aug-2014, 11:05
Ilford says on their website that while the Harman Direct Positive Paper has been discontinued, they are hopeful about having it again in the future (no idea how realistic the expectation may be):
Product Supply Suspension - HARMAN DIRECT POSITIVE FB paper

The emulsion for this product was developed in Switzerland by ILFORD Imaging Switzerland Gmbh for the Imago project, and became part of our product range when we decided to coat HARMAN DIRECT POSITIVE FB paper using the same emulsion.

Financial difficulties last year subsequently led to insolvency at ILFORD Imaging Switzerland and the business is now closed.

We have been, and still are, trying to secure the formula for the emulsion through the Receiver appointed for ILFORD Imaging Switzerland. If successful we intend to restart production, but being realistic it will take many months before any new coatings will be ready for sale, and we may not succeed.

As a result, we are advising that when our very limited stocks of HARMAN DIRECT POSITIVE FB are exhausted we will be unable to supply product for the medium term.

There are ways to process b&w film directly to produce a positive, don't know if it would be too much drip and splash, just google "b&w reversal processing". Ilford has a pdf available at their site:

Or, DR5 will do it for you:


8-Aug-2014, 11:08
Oh, almost forgot:


They are working on a new instant b&w film, positive and negative.

9-Aug-2014, 05:11
You can reverse process standard paper.

Here is a link to my experimentation here: