View Full Version : Velvia 50 back?

31-Jul-2014, 07:34

I don't think the website is outdated as it has velvia 100 and not 100F. Available in 4x5,8x10...any confirmation out there?

31-Jul-2014, 07:44
I've just checked Adorama and BH, but no cigar. I think this site will be your best bet, as Velvia 50 is still sold in Japan. http://www.japanexposures.com/shop/film-analog/film/colour-reversal-film/?subcats=Y&features_hash=V258

Peter Yeti
31-Jul-2014, 18:16
It looks like it's coming back. At my provider it is listed in in many formats but currently can only be delivered in 135-36. The rest is on back order. At least it seems to be produced again, so there is a fair chance. Lets hope...

Tim Meisburger
31-Jul-2014, 19:16
That would be great, but no E6 processors left in Thailand, since February:(

31-Jul-2014, 20:35
20 sheets of Velvia 50 in 8x10 @$418 USD

Jim Andrada
2-Aug-2014, 10:45
I checked the Yodobashi Camera website (Japanese)

They show 8 x 10 Velvia 50 for 33kYen (around $320) for 20 sheets delivered locally tomorrow. With an exhortation to order quickly because of low stock! And qualifying for 3371 Yodobashi Camera points (10%) to boot. Wow!!!

(I have a point card - maybe I can get something next time I'm in Tokyo)