View Full Version : Where should I begin? Interested in LF/Tintypes

Compact Diss
31-Jul-2014, 00:17
Any suggestions?

31-Jul-2014, 09:06

Garrett will help you. :rolleyes:

31-Jul-2014, 10:08
That was my primary motivation when I got started a few years ago. If you want to go headlong into it, I highly recommend John Coffer's "Doer's Guide", although I see the prices have gone up recently. Or, as most do (and for good reason!), you can start by sourcing a 4x5 camera, lens, tripod, film, trays, chemicals, &c. It's a wonderful journey and will teach you to actually use a large format camera before you start shooting plates, by which time the camera workflow should be mostly transparent.

Be aware that while this is doable on a budget, money will make things easier. I hope for your sake you've got more than I do.

31-Jul-2014, 13:55
Any suggestions?

Buy and read a how to guide. All questions will be answered. Then come back here and tell us how you are doing.

Jim Graves
31-Jul-2014, 17:35
Find a workshop ... nothing better than seeing it demonstrated ... such as LINK (http://www.bostick-sullivan.com/cart/home.php?cat=242)

If you can't swing that, try contacting Bostic and Sullivan ... They used to offer a converted Kodak folder for tintypes in kit form ... With instructions ... They might still be able to do that ... or at least send you the instructions.

Good luck ... and, don't give up.

3-Aug-2014, 21:38
Thanks for the sharing.

Mark Sawyer
3-Aug-2014, 22:09
Find a workshop...

What Jim said!

Andrew Plume
4-Aug-2014, 00:38