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30-Jul-2014, 21:24

I went to Photographers Supply in San Francisco this afternoon to buy some archival storage boxes. They're closed, and have been since about April. What to do? Does anyone know where to buy archival supplies in or near San Francisco such as used to be available at Photo Supply? Or can you recommend something on line (although I don't like buying on line)?

Thank you.

David Michael Bigeleisen

Darin Boville
30-Jul-2014, 21:32
Dick Blick has stuff on sale all the time--I use there metal edge boxes. For something nicer I use the Archival Methods Onyx boxes. John at shadesofpaper.com sells them with $9 flat rate shipping per order.


30-Jul-2014, 21:39
No idea about local sources, but online there is always B&H in New York. You didn't mention the brand or type that youi were interested in; you can always do the old-fashioned thing by looking at the manufacturer of one that you like, calling them and asking who the nearest stocking distributor is, The distributor would then be able to tell you who--if anyone--stocks them in the area.

My preference is for the Century clamshell boxes, but they are pricey enough that I wouldn't expect any strictly brick-and-mortar store to stock them. And even B&H, as big as they are, doesn't carry every type in every size.

31-Jul-2014, 02:22
i get all my archival supplies at gaylord brothers .. the also sell bookbinders tape to fix your film holders.
university products i think still sells photo mount cards if you are into card mounting your prints in a binder

2-Aug-2014, 14:08
Hi David -not local (for you) but try Silver Print in London they sell excellent boxes. www.silverprint.co.uk

2-Aug-2014, 14:30
Flax, at Market & Valencia.

15-Sep-2014, 07:46
Contact Michael A. Smith on lodima.org

Christopher Barrett
15-Sep-2014, 16:49
Looks like Ilford is getting in the game...


15-Sep-2014, 18:37
Archival Methods has several lines of storage boxes for all types of materials and a wide range of sizes.

I've always had good results with their products and they always ship quickly.