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27-Jul-2014, 11:03
Hey everyone, I recently switched developing from the "taco method" to BTZS tubes. I was finding that I could not pour the developer fast enough into my Patterson tank to make the taco method work; I was getting very uneven development. After a lot of research, I decided that the BTZS tubes were a perfect fit. Minimal chemistry, even development, and very little time in actual darkness. I decided to post a YouTube video showing how I do things start to finish...thought it might be of some help for those looking into this system. Let me know what you think.


I was using Ilford Delta 100. The chemistry I used was Ilfosol-3, Ilfostop, and Ilford Rapid Fixer.

28-Jul-2014, 00:35
There is already one made by Fred Newman (View Camera store) a long time ago.

28-Jul-2014, 05:50
Yeah, I don't know Fred, but I have communicated with him several times via email. Seems like a really great guy and I try to support his store when I can. Just thought I would post my own video for fun.