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27-Jul-2014, 01:21
I am looking at buying a Nikon 90mm SW f8 which is fitted on a Linhof lens board - but not a recessed one. I use a Technika IV - can anyone advise if I need a recessed lens board or will a straight board work to get the lens set at infinity, I appreciate the camera may not close with the lens in place

thank you

Bob Salomon
27-Jul-2014, 03:35
You can use the flat board, and have to use it if the lens isin a 1 shutter. But if the lens is in a 0 shutter a recessed board will make handling of the lens on the camera much better. The latest Linhof recessed board for a 0 shuttered 90 is the 001015 Comfort board which has app controls and the aperture scales on the face of the board so there is no need to reach into the board to operate the controls of the shutter.

27-Jul-2014, 06:22
Bob - thank you.

Richard Johnson
27-Jul-2014, 07:48
With the 90 on a flat board on the IV, the front standard will be close to the frame of the camera "box", preventing you from making front movements very easily. The work around is to extend the front standard, make the movement (usually rise) and return the front standard to focused position. This takes trial and error. Also you want to make sure you are not compressing the bellows against any corners it's not meant for.

The V and later camera moved the front rise control to the front so that you can do moves from the focused position.

Bob Salomon
27-Jul-2014, 08:27
That is why the 001015 recessed board is the recommended board for a 90 mm in a 0 shutter.

28-Jul-2014, 11:54
All noted and thanks

David A. Goldfarb
28-Jul-2014, 15:06
One more observation: With a 90mm in a recessed board and the rail pushed back one click, and one of the lenses shimmed, a 90mm and a 150mm (with the rail in the neutral position) can use the same infinity stop on a Technika. Same is true for a 75mm and 135mm. Martin Arndt set up my Tech V this way.