View Full Version : Staley: does anyone know of advertsing/catalogue material?

Steven Tribe
24-Jul-2014, 02:14
Staley was a general London photographic agent in London at the end of the 19th Century, who put his name on a variety of products as well as being the UK agent for number of smaller Continental Brands, incuding Suter.

I am in possesion of his Petzval 3B (no - not quite as splendid as the other 3B - more like a 2 1/2B!) and I have seen another a couple of years ago. This appears to be a UK production as the flange thread is very coarse and the mat sides of the achromat have been blackened. As Staley were pretty active in the 1890's, I wondered if the BJP (British Journal of Photography) has any listing of this "extra rapid" Petzval?

I have tried the usual searches!