View Full Version : filter vignette on 75mm lens

Elias Butler
6-Nov-2004, 12:16
I have a schneider 75mm f8 lens with a 49mm filter size (front thread). I use a step-up ring and an 82mm polarizer, and I would also like to be able to attach a KR3 and neutral density filterbut the lens vignettes if I add anything beyond the polarizer.

I would like to know if I could use a 49mm polarizer/warming combo filter to eliminate the step ring, i.e., would I get vignetting with a 49mm filter using moderate movements? If anyone has a solution to this problem I would appreciate the advice.

Paul Chaplo
13-Feb-2005, 12:03
Put one filter *behind* the lens.


Bob Salomon
13-Feb-2005, 12:25
Putting the filter behind the lens will create a focus shift as well as introde image degradation if anything is on the filter as well as by the filter itself.

If shooting outdoors with large areas of sky there will be banding in the sky as areas of the sky are already polarized. A polarizer is not always a wise choice for that application.

The real cure is to step up to a much larger filter size and use as thin (slim) filters as possible. You can also use a warmtone polarizer to eliminate one filter in the stack.

Using a slower film would eliminate the ND filter.