View Full Version : First LF camera, Busch Pressman D QUESTIONS!

20-Jul-2014, 11:35
Hey everyone, it's taken me forever to decide which camera I'm purchasing. I wanted a field camera, maybe a wooden one, but for my price point it's just not happening. So after reading a couple articles on the internet, I've gone with the Busch Pressman. It's got most of the movements I need, save for the back tilt, which I've already got a nice tripod to counteract.

But the one I've found has a lens that's got a lot of problems, so I'm wondering what to do from here. I don't care for the rangefinder coupling, since I'm all about using this thing as much like a field camera as possible. So is there any way I can remove the lens from the board and re-use it? In addition, I'm looking for a 135mm lens (I've already heard the Nikkor-W works well) that would be compatible enough with the Pressman D so it could close and work perfectly.

I've found extra lens boards ( http://mpex.com/busch-0-4x5-lens-board.html ) that I assume will fit with a new lens, but am not sure where to go from here.

Thanks so much for your time!

Alan Gales
20-Jul-2014, 11:56
Remove your lens and lens board from the camera and look at the back of the lens. There is a nut called a retaining ring holding the lens to the board. Use a lens wrench (link below) to unscrew the retaining ring and your lens will come off. On some lenses you have to first unscrew the lens's rear element to access the retaining ring.

Lens boards come with different size holes drilled into them. The sizes will be Copal 0, 1 or 3. You simply match the lens board to the shutter you buy. For example a lens in a Copal 0 shutter will need a Copal 0 lens board. If you buy an older lens in a Compur 0 shutter it will also fit a Copal 0 board.

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