View Full Version : Tray processing vs Semi-Stand processing... an example

Steve Sherman
20-Jul-2014, 06:44
Attached are two scans of identically exposed pieces of film in identical overcast lighting conditions.

The one processed with conventional tray processing actually has a higher Contrast Index.

Hoodoo 1 stand, developed Pyrocat HD 5M presoak, 1.5M agitation, 35M stand, 30s agitation, 35M stand...result 1.36 highlight density above film base plus fog
This was the first ever film I processed in the Semi-Stand method, in those days the dilution was 1-1-175.

Hoodoo 1 conventional, developed in ABC Pyro 1-1-1-7 for 22 minutes continuos agitation...result 1.53 highlight density above film base plus fog.

The resulting prints from each are as dramatically different as the negatives appear here.

See this link for a more thorough discussion http://www.apug.org/forums/forum37/24023-semi-stand-description-illustratvie-photo.html


Peter De Smidt
20-Jul-2014, 09:06
Interesting stuff, Steve.