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Steve Bell
6-Nov-2004, 04:49
I recently bought my first 4x5, a Toyo 45A without any lens. I then took a Linhof Technika 70 system (black leather case, 4 lenses, 2 6x7 backs, filters etc) in exchange for some work thinking I would be able to use the Schneider Super Angulon 65mm with the Toyo, but its coverage is insufficient. Now I think I will keep the Technika, as the idea of a 6x7 with movements appeals to me. The lens shutters seem slow at the low speeds, and the tele-arton 180mm sticks at 1 sec and B. Where in the UK could I get these lenses serviced, and what might the typical costs be? I know this isn't stricktly LF, but these type of lenses are more common in this area than on a MF group.

Steve Bell

Colin Myers
6-Nov-2004, 06:36
Hi Steve, You might try Bill Orford @ 62, Hythe Road, Old Town, Swindon, Wilts SNI 3NX, tel 01793-695025. Good luck

Steve Bell
7-Nov-2004, 03:47
Thanks Colin, I will phone him on Monday.

Barry Wilkinson
8-Nov-2004, 04:41
Hello Steve,

Teamwork in London offer a shutter repair service. I have not tried them. I had an old Xenar serviced by Andrews Cameras in Teddington Surrey. Good service, took around two weeks. They sent it away (maybe to Teamwork!). I believe that Linhof & Studio in Leigh-on-Sea Essex also provide a service.

Contacts as follows: -

http://www.teamworkphoto.co.uk/ (http://www.teamworkphoto.co.uk/)

http://www.andrewscameras.co.uk/Page_2.html (http://www.andrewscameras.co.uk/Page_2.html)

http://www.linhofstudio.com/flash.html (http://www.linhofstudio.com/flash.html)