View Full Version : Is the body of Sinar Capcam = Sinar P2 ?

Jason Wells
23-Oct-1999, 08:42
A friend of mine wants to sell a Sinar Capcam (first generation version) camera. The electronic system is not working because some of the cable, the controller, powerpack are missing.

He claims that the body of the camera is P2 body, is it true ? Also he wants to sell it for U$3500, is it worth to get ?

Thanks Jason

Masayoshi Hayashi
23-Oct-1999, 18:39
Why not contact to Sinar Bron (http://www.sinarbron.com/) (800) 456-0203. I assume the standards are heavier than those of p2 due to electronic deivce in them (i.e. they're not the same). It sounds like you're not going to use the electronic system. So regarding your friend's Sinar Capcam as p2, the fair price for p2 in 9+ to 10 condition would be somewhere from $2800 to $3200. I auctioned mine in 9+ to 10 cond. at $3500 on Ebay including accessories (wide angle bellows, 2 lensboards, bellows clips/rod and fresnel lens in frame). Make sure the focusing locks are tight before you purchase. Also check when the camera was recalibrated and tuned up last time for the optimum performance (I let Sinar Bron do mine before I sold). What are you using the camera for?

Jason Wells
24-Oct-1999, 16:48
The camera is in perfect condition, he only use it for several times. I'm going to use this camera in studio mainly. Any suggestion for a tripod that would support the entire system ?

Ellis Vener
24-Oct-1999, 21:55
It may be the 8x10 version of the P2 with two tripod bases and a long base plate. You would be better off with a studio stand like the Foba rather than a tripod.