View Full Version : Arista edu 400 and TXP 320 push to 800 dev in Microphen

18-Jul-2014, 08:37

I used to photograph with Tri-X 400 in 35 mm and to develop it in microphen (I really like this developper). I've decided to pass in 4x5' and tried two films : Arista Edu 400 pushed to 800, and TXP 320 also pushed to 800 but I can't find a proper time for processing for any of these films in microphen. Someone would have tried it and would share his/her results ? which time suits best ?

Thanks a lot !


20-Jul-2014, 05:26
No one tried it ?

20-Jul-2014, 08:30
Most of my large format negatives that are underexposed wind up in the trash.

Allan B
21-Jul-2014, 09:26
I'm starting to use Microphen with 4x5 HP5 and also tried it with Tmax 400 - 4x5, both shot at 400 speed. I like the tonality I get with HP5 and microphen.
I don't have an answer, but why don't you contact Ilford directly and see if they can give you some guidelines on starting developing times for microphen.
Here is a link to their phone and email information: http://www.ilfordphoto.com/contact.asp

Probably you will have to run some tests to see the best exposure and developing times for your films and the conditions you work in.
HP5 and Tmax 400 both have a reputation of being more" pushable", than Arista edu 400 or TXP 320. Arista edu 400 and TXP 320 are
probably slower and would probably require a "push" just to get to 400 speed, yet alone 800 speed. So you may see less shadow detail and more grain.

After you try the films and developer you can see what works for you.

22-Jul-2014, 01:50
Thanks for help and tips. I will try that.

3-Aug-2014, 21:37
Thanks for the sharing.