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John Oliver
5-Nov-2004, 14:03
I have recently purchased a Zone VI Compensating Developing Timer on Ebay which does not have a power supply or any instructions. Can anyone tell me what rating (volts and amps) transformer is required and does anyone have operating instructions for this unit?

Thanks much,


Steve Feldman
5-Nov-2004, 14:58

My transformer reads:

Condor Plug In Class 2 Transformer
Model 6 300-1
Input: 120V 60HZ 9W
Output: 9VDC 200mA

Probably available at Radio Shack

Instructions are easy. Plug in. Set dial to film, normal time or paper. (Paper setting is where it really shines). Place the sensor in developer tray. Fill developer tray with fresh developer. Fred Picker (in his wisdom) calabrated this unit for 68 degrees at 2 minutes for fiber based papers. With this unit minutes are a variable length of time. Not absolute as "normal time" would be. So, if your developer cools down during print developement time, the timer will slow down, making longer seconds. If your developer warms up during print developement time, the timer will speed up, making shorter seconds. This makes your developement time consistant print after print, no matter what happens to the temperature. All you ever see on the timer is 2 minutes. You may however, make your developement time whatever length of time you wish. Just keep it consistant. (Some people like longer developement times as their personnal standard - some like shorter times - like for RC papers).

Anything more you need to know - just ask.

Good luck - it's a great tool.