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14-Jul-2014, 11:35
Gonna test it out tonight

14-Jul-2014, 11:47
I think it's going to just cause dark corners. I think it has to be at the center of the lens somewhere to work like a normal aperture stop.

14-Jul-2014, 11:53
Thatsa some spicy a meatballa! Buon gusto!*

* which in some Milanese–Slovenian translations may also mean: "Me thinks you have too much time on your hands"

14-Jul-2014, 11:54
I've got a magnifying glass "rear element" Lots of old lenses had a piece of glass and an iris. We'll see.

15-Jul-2014, 09:42
Not so much at the center of the lens but at the point of convergence of the rays (temporary brain freeze and I can't remember the right term), which, for a meniscus lens, will be somewhere out on front.


15-Jul-2014, 10:47
results and details in the DIY forum.

19-Jul-2014, 09:49
Nodal point, Dan. BetterSense, the nodal point of a positive meniscus with the concave side facing the subject is in front of the lens, pretty much where Jason put his (varies with focal length and precise curves of a meniscus). It does not darken corners and does much to flatten the field and reduce distortion.