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13-Jul-2014, 11:14
I recently bought and use a Mod54 holder (www.MOD54.com) onto which fits up to 6 sheets of film (into slots) a clever design, easy to load. The holder then inserts into a Paterson type film tank one uses for 120 & 35mm.

To fit, the film does not sit flat, but curved- emulsion side in, the inner sheet of film being the most curved. This is the only method I have used to process 4x5 film, my question is, does the fact that the film is curved have any impact on the action of chemicals on the film surface. As against where the film surface is flat.

Thanks for any comments

Light Guru
13-Jul-2014, 12:27
The film being curved does not effect development. The problem most people have with the mod54 is the film becoming dislodged during development (especially with thinner film stock) when the film dislodges it touches the next sheet and ruins both of them.

I got fed up with the issue and switched to tray development.

19-Jul-2014, 08:55
hello Zak, excuse my late reply, but thank for your comment and experience with this holder. I just use tri x and so far that has not been a problem