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13-Jul-2014, 01:31
Hi Everyone!

how do you make prints of panorama images?
you use the camera to make the enlargement as well?if so,than what light would you suggest?
Please help me out!im a bit stucked here,and i feel so aloneXD
Huuge Bow!

Tim Meisburger
13-Jul-2014, 03:47
Are you printing digitally? For panorama images I normally cut down paper to the dimension I am looking for, adjust the easel, and enlarge normally in the darkroom. Some people (I believe) mask the negative if they have shot two scene on a single sheet, or are only using a portion of a complete negative, and that would make sense to reduce unneeded light, but I have never done that either because I am too lazy or I have not had a good enough panorama.

I used to use a holder with a cut darkslide for two images on one sheet of film, but these days I cut a piece of black foamcore to fit inside the camera back. Its simpler to carry, and compose with.

13-Jul-2014, 04:03
Hi Tim!
Thanks for the answer!
no,i would use photopaper,to print on.
film to capture.
got a 30.5 x 80 meter kodak roll of paper.
on that maybe i can make a 1:5,1:6 ratio.
would be nice..
the only solution to me seems the camera as enlarger.

Tim Meisburger
13-Jul-2014, 04:06
Yes, that is what Adams used. Should be relatively simple to set up a camera as an horizontal enlarger. Just figure out how to mount your light head to your camera.

Jim Noel
13-Jul-2014, 07:31
It depends on the size of your negative. I print my 6x17 cm negatives with my 5x7" Elwood. My 7x17" negatives are contact printed using Pt/Pd or kallitype.

14-Jul-2014, 01:44
well,im planning to use 1:5,1:6 ratio..
as a start just with rollfilm.6x24,6x30cm
planning to use a lightbox,to make the enlargement with the same camera i use to capture.
would you have suggestions/experiences for the construction maybe?
light to use,should i place a matt surfaced glass-plastic,to spread light even the corners well,or would there be a light that would spread even around and cover?.
Thanks for your time,and help Guys!
its good to be here:)
have a nice day All of You!!

Larry Gebhardt
14-Jul-2014, 07:22
A light box for film viewing will not have enough power to enlarge to 30 inches high (over a 10X enlargement). You could build an LED based back which will be plenty bright enough.

Are you doing color or black and white? From the description of your paper roll I am guessing it's color. In that case you will need a way of adjusting color balance. Again RGB LEDs could work, or filters in front of the lens (but I would not want to take that approach). If it's color I would recommend getting an enlarger that can cover your format (actually that's true for black and white too).

15-Jul-2014, 03:42
Thanks for your answer Larry!
i work just black and white.
im planning to make a "lightbox" like my ilford multigrade 500 has.
without the dichroic filters of course.just a box with holes,with the lamps towards a wall,and a big hole towards the negative,wit a mattglass end, that mixes the light together.
to be honest i asked heiland for a led source for my de vere 504,and cant remember the exact number,but it was around 1000-2000 euros.
my budget cant take that at the moment.and im pretty sure the "getting the same format enlarger is going to face the same problem.
but i wont give up,would love to make it,and i have a lifetime sentence to spend here,so why not?
had a trip through the dark..really interesting..
saw your durst led multigrade project,really awesome!!
appereantly,im not an electrician,neither a man of all this curves an all other information i couldnt even understand on your site:)
but its really amasing to see someone knowing-doing the things im willing to do(and know better,of course)
im sure i will spend more time on your site,to drink some of your cup full of knowledge.
again:its Really Good to be here..
Thanks Everyone!!