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11-Jul-2014, 09:42
Hello and nice to be here with so many fine photographers.

I could use some help. I just purchased a used Linhof Technica Master (Yes!) but it appears the lens board tilt doesn't work. I am checking if I am doing something wrong.

To tilt the lens board, knob #1 should be loosened so that it is not locked down, then push in knob #3 and the lens board should release so that it can tilt forward or backward. When I push in knob #3, the lens board won't budge, the knob pushes in (towards the lens) but the board still won't move at all.

Am I doing it wrong? Every other adjustment on the camera is working fine.

Also, if it needs repair, is Nippon Photoclinic the place to contact for repair?

Thanks in advance and I look forward to sharing and learning tips on large format photography.

(Click photo to see it large enough)

David A. Goldfarb
11-Jul-2014, 10:16
Should work as long as the metal guide slot that the #1 screw goes through isn't corroded/frozen and the lens/shutter isn't bumping up against something.

Raise the front standard slightly with the crank (#31) to get a better look at the guide and to be sure the bottom of the shutter isn't hitting the bottom of the front standard.

11-Jul-2014, 10:44
For the two Techs I’ve used quite a bit of force is needed to move it out of zero position.

11-Jul-2014, 11:31
David, Thanks... I removed the lens and also tried with the lens standard raised and still no budge. It appears the locking nut #1 is working. I can see that knob 3 is still inserted into the standard. Thanks again,

11-Jul-2014, 11:37
Disuse causes that. Pull the knob before pushing it.

David A. Goldfarb
11-Jul-2014, 13:22
Maybe you're not pushing the button (#3) far enough to release the standard so it can tilt, which could mean that the lubricants in the mechanism have solidified and just need to be worked a bit. If you look at button #3, it's like there are two cylindrical caps facing each other. The outer cap should completely cover the inner cap when it's fully depressed, allowing you to tilt the lensboard.

11-Jul-2014, 14:00
David Godlfarb,

YES! That did the trick. I pressed much harder inward, it popped loose. It works now. It was just stuck -- It tilts! Thanks everyone for the help. Onward to the ocean for a few days of shooting.

11-Jul-2014, 14:20
Thanks everyone - it was stuck, I pushed it much harder in and it broke loose. Problem solved.

Bob Salomon
11-Jul-2014, 14:53
Yes, Nippon in NYC is the Linhof Service Center as is Bob Watkins in Niles, IL. Only Bob does camping, though.

David A. Goldfarb
12-Jul-2014, 00:30
Glad that worked!

Richard Johnson
12-Jul-2014, 05:43
This is why the Germans lost the Russian War, their tanks and guns were too finely machined so they gummed up in the frozen muck.

Seriously if the camera is stiff from disuse, check the bellows. They degrade with time, I've seen the glue seam on the bottom become sticky.

And be careful with the front rise!!!