View Full Version : Canham TMAX 400 5X7 Order No. 2

Kevin Crisp
10-Jul-2014, 06:20
Keith is trying to put together another special order of this film in 5X7. He's just begun and is a long way from getting up to the minimum number of 50 sheet boxes. The price has gone up. I assume he's posted details on his website.

Kevin Crisp
10-Jul-2014, 08:21
Link to facebook page on this subject: http://www.facebook.com/pages/K-B-Canham-Cameras-Inc/131324393576850

Daniel Stone
10-Jul-2014, 14:39
$250(ish) per 50sht box is what I was quoted. Ya, prices have gone "up". Sad that E.K. had to really joust us TMY users in the side with their price increases. Still, it's a great film. I might have to buy a box, but right now I'm just not shooting b/w, heck, not much LF at the moment either :(

Kevin Crisp
10-Jul-2014, 15:04
I can't remember what it was in the previous special order.

Daniel Stone
11-Jul-2014, 12:12
according to my emails, the pricing I received from Keith last year(5/1/2013) for last year's special-order run was "no more than $188 per box, plus shipping"

I know E.K. has boosted prices for TMY(heck, look at 4x5 TMY, it's ~ $107/box now for 50shts), but charging WELL over 2x the price, when you don't get 2x the sq footage, IDK man.