View Full Version : Recessed board for a Toyo A and the Schneider 58XL

Stefano Gatti
22-Oct-1999, 21:41
Hello everybody.

I am a beginner in the large format photography and I just bought a Toyo A and a Schneider SA 58XL f/5,6. Now I need to buy the correct recessed board for this SA and I am not sure which one is the best: the 12,5mm or the 25mm. I think the 12,5 could be the best solution, but my fear is that it won't be easy to make ev en the smallest movements. I will be using a 6X9 roll film back at the beginning to learn how to use the camera. I need some help from people who faced the same problem. Thank you, Stefano

Ross Martin
24-Oct-1999, 14:18

The 12.5mm recessed board will allow relatively easy access to the controls on your 58mm lens, but you will not have much in the way of movements available other than tilt (and that may suffice for most landscape shots). However, if you plan to shoot architecture or other movement-intensive subjects, you will want at least the 25mm board or the newer 45mm recessed board listed on Toyo's website, and you will have to put up with harder-to-reach lens controls.

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