View Full Version : Linhof Technika Schneider Angulon 6,8(6,3?)/90mm

3-Nov-2004, 04:14
I consider buying above mentioned lens but I'm not sure if this 9x12 designed lens is enough to cover 6x17 format (I want to use it in that format).
Could somebody help me?
Seller told me it's not enough for6x17 but I know for example some Rodenstock lenses are also described as 9x12 format lenses but can be used for 6x17.

David A. Goldfarb
3-Nov-2004, 04:59
I think you're going to get soft edges with a 90mm Angulon on 6x17. A 90/8.0 Super Angulon is a better bet.

Colin Carron
3-Nov-2004, 07:06
Based on the performance of the two Angulons I have owned I would agree with David. The edges become soft on 5x4 with a few millimetres of movement which equates to an image circle of about 16cms. You would require an image circle of around 18cms without movement.

tor kviljo
4-Nov-2004, 03:39
The very old angulon f 6.8 series vere made in at least 65mm, 90mm and 120mm, and the 90mm just cover 4"x5" with no movements. I don't think it will cover 6x17 at any stop, but You might try it at 22 or 32, to see if I'm wrong. The angulon f6.8 were made during years where schneider had very variable quality control, and I know from the "massive lens test chart" that identical andulons behaved very different. Look for the Linhof-branded ones as Linhof all the way up to now have separately tested lenses they deliver with their cameras, engraving the lens-barrel & designation ring with the Linhof (and technika) in red when controlled & OK. During the 50's & 60 when the coated angulons were made, Linhof did the quality-control that schneider skipped... Selecting a lens for a 6x17 camera - where you probably would like good sharpness all the way to centimetre nr. 16... I strongly advice you to look for the wider covering Super Angulon 90mm f 8 or 5.6 or the Nikkor SW 90/8 (SA's can be found much cheaper than Nikkor when in chrome-mount, but works good) which have the covering power & sharpness you want for a 6x17: just look at which lenses Linhof put on the 6x12 & 6x17 technoramas..

4-Nov-2004, 18:07
Thank you very much all of you - you are helping me a lot! I also thought about buiyng rather Super Angulon 90/f8.

4-Nov-2004, 18:08
Does anybody has any lens-tips for 6x17 format?

David Kaplan
4-Nov-2004, 20:11
I have used a 90mm Angulon (not Linhof) for 6x12 and was not happy with the corners. On 6x12 my old (1960's vintage) f8 65mm Super Angulon is great. My guess is that you would need at least a 90mm Super Angulon to cover 6x12.


tor kviljo
5-Nov-2004, 01:41
The Linhof Super Angulon 90mm f 5.6 covers 5"x7" format (210mm image circle I think) and will thus cover the 6x17 cm format with good margin, still not using the outermost part of the image sircle. If cost is an issue (as it is for most of us) You will find the super angulon the least expensive of the more recent wide 90mm's