View Full Version : Ezra Stoller, dead at 89

Bruce Watson
2-Nov-2004, 12:58

Ezra Stoller was one of the great architectural photographers. One of his most famous (to me anyway) photographs was of Franks Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum in NYC:

http://www.esto.com/gallstoller5.htm (http://www.esto.com/gallstoller5.htm)

I loved his work and his way of seeing. He'll be missed.

2-Nov-2004, 14:38
What a great loss. Saw his show at the Williams College Museum of Art in Mass. a couple of months ago. His photography was simply outstanding. He truly was an artist.

Kirk Gittings
3-Nov-2004, 12:10
A huge loss! One of my heros, an apostle of the interpretation of moderism.

Michael Mutmansky
3-Nov-2004, 20:28
Sad news indeed. He cut his teeth on the moodernist movement, and helped define the look of architectural photography until color work took over the industry..

His shooting style was very complementary to the architecture, because he felt that his images were not about him, they were about the architecture, and in that way, Ezra would take exception you your statement Johnny, because he rejected the notion that he was an artist. He saw himself as a vehicle to bring the architecture to a viewer.

I think he may have been too dismissive of his skills and talent for composition. Truely one of the greats, regardless of what you call him.